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Our licensed mental health professionals provide assessment and psychotherapy services.  We serve adults, children, teens and families to meet all of your psychological needs in one place.  Proven strategies are used in collaboration with physicians, schools, and others as needed.


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    “I have parents contact me with concerns about ADHD, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues and each family has been extremely well taken care of by the staff at Psychology Consultation Specialists.  They were able to be seen fairly quickly and the specialist they met with performed a thorough evaluation and helped the family feel at ease with their findings and recommendations. I often refer students to PCS for evaluations and assessment  because of their detailed recommendations, collaboration, and professional expertise.  I have appreciated how the specialists at PCS also communicated with me as the student’s counselor regarding their recommendations so we as a school could best support the student.  I have no reservations in referring a family to Psychology Consultation Specialists and they are the first company I think of when families ask for a referral.” –Jennifer, School Psychologist
    “I work with many students who have received services from PCS for evaluations and assessments. The parents often provide the PCS report for me to review prior to working with their child. I have found the information presented in the reports to be detailed and comprehensive. In addition, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with the PCS team and found them to be professional, personable, and extremely knowledgeable about their field.” –Erika Kluge Frake, M.S., Assistive Technology Specialist & Educator
    “As a general pediatrician with many patients who need mental health services, I readily refer my patients to PCS.  They have all of the professional expertise and experience that my patients need and I can always count on an open and collaborative communication with the provider .  I appreciate their breadth of services, from helping patients navigate the mental health system, to comprehensive educational testing, and therapy available from a wide range of experienced providers.  The individualized service they provide each patient, and their ongoing communication with me are much appreciated and, I believe, essential to quality mental health care.”–Naomi Palmer, MD, Pediatrician, Partners in Pediatrics, Rogers, MN



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