Mental Health Support for Chronic Medical Conditions

Chronic medical illness, such as diabetes, asthma, chron’s/colitis, headaches, chronic pain, and cancer, present challenges for children and their families.  As a result of these challenges, these children are at risk for experiencing depression, family conflict, and altered lifestyle. Research has shown that attitude, outlook, and coping skills can interfere with making improvements in physical health.  Psychological interventions to address positive health behaviors have been found to improve both mental and physical health.


In particular, some medical conditions lend themselves to anxiety (i.e., asthma) others to depression (i.e. Diabetes, Crohn’s disease). Also, compliance with care (i.e. treatments for pulmonary disease, checking levels for diabetes, or following medical or diet regimens) is often compromised during the developmentally normal exploration that occurs in adolescence. Support and education can help mitigate issues teens can have with being a teenager and having chronic disease.
Many of our providers are trained and experienced in treating children who are experiencing chronic medical conditions.  Our providers can help your children by teaching positive coping strategies.